16 Spiritual Teachers and Personal Development Experts Reveal Their Top Insights, Practices, and Tools To Ignite Your Growth, Healing, & Evolution

Reclaim Your Power. Reinvent Your Life.


The SoulVolution 2020 online summit offers a path forward for personal and spiritual fulfillment. You'll begin to uncover why you're here, who you are, and who you came here to be so that you can pave the way toward more passion, purpose, and possibility.

You'll Get Actionable, Down-To-Earth Tips and Strategies To:

  • Release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your truest Self

  • Balance and harmonize your life force energy

  • Connect with your intuition 

  • Generate a deeper well of gratitude and self-love

  • Consciously manifest a reality that's in alignment with your true passions, purpose, and desires 

  • Tap into your creative potential 

  • Liberate your voice and speak your truth 

  • Cultivate more inner peace, confidence, and clarity in 2020 and beyond

Meet The Teachers

Paul Selig

Psychic,  SpiritualTeacher, and Award-Winning Author 

Creating a Reality in Alignment With Your True Self

HeatherAsh Amara

Best-Selling Author, Wisdom Seeker, & Coach

Liberate Your Voice & Authentic Power

Mark Nepo

SuperSoul 100 Spiritual Writer, Poet, and Philosopher

How to Access Your Creative Potential

Belinda Womack

Spiritual Messenger & Author

Lessons From the 12 Archangels: Healing Your Inner Child

Kathleen Booker

Breathwork Coach a.k.a.'The Jedi of Calm'

The Power of Breath: Tapping Into Your Life Force Energy



Stewart Pearce

Best-selling author, Voice Alchemist, & Angelic Emissary

Unlocking Your Signature Frequency To Communicate Your Truth 

Sarah Mane

Transformational Coach & Author

Using the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity, Confidence, and Success


Sandra Ingerman

Best-Selling Author & Spiritual Teacher of Shamanic Wisdom

Shamanism & Becoming a Vessel of Love and Light

Bernard Alvarez

Metaphysician, Sacred Activist, & Spiritual Coach

Navigating The Awakening Process: What To Expect & How To Ground Yourself

Steven Washington

World-Class QiGong Instructor

Balancing Your Life Force Energy With QiGong

Austyn Wells

Spiritual Medium, Soul Gardener, & Author 

Unlock Your Intuition: Using Your Soul's Wisdom To Guide Your Life

Dr. Bandana Chawla

Holistic Lifestyle M.D.

Lifestyle Medicine: A Holistic Approach To Elevate Your Spiritual Journey


Richard Barrett

Best-Selling Author & Founder of The Barrett Values Centre

Values & The 7 Stages of Psychological Development 

Neelam Minocha

Spiritual ​Alchemist, Healer and Channel

Sacred Union: How To Harmonize The Divine Feminine and Masculine Within Us

Nikhil Kale

Multi-Dimensional Mentor & Digital Alchemist

How to Discover & Express Your Soul's Message



Ilona Selke

Internationally Recognized Author and Co-Founder of Shambala Retreat Center

Co-Creating With The Universe To Bring Your Vision to Life 



Meet The Hosts

We're Christopher & Sara

Hosts of SoulVolution 2020 and Founders of Soul in Wonder

As Self-Empowerment Coaches, Intuitive Guides, and Evolutionary Catalysts, we're on a mission is to help you break free from limitation, reclaim your individuality, and live life on your terms.


Since we can't work with everyone, we decided to create a free online event that features some of our favorite personal development experts and spiritual teachers to deliver their key insights so you don't have to spend hours reading dozens of self-help books and spend hundreds of dollars on live workshops and retreats.


Come join us for this free 4-day event and walk away feeling renewed and ready to take on the world.

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